Field Notes

  • Soggy Cities, Entry 4: Bristol

    PPEH Fellows Blog

    8/3/2019 – In this final entry, Professor Marianna Dudley (History & Environmental Humanities at University of Bristol) reflects on the city of Bristol in England, tracking flows of water through the city's imperial past and into its present.
  • Soggy Cities, Entry 3: New York

    PPEH Fellows Blog

    7/1/2019 – In this entry, Nicki Pombier Berger (Founding Editor, Underwater New York) explores how various writers and artists are responding to New York City's shifting edges.
  • Philadelphia School District Environmental Humanities Curriculum Now in the Works


    6/20/2019 – Guest post from Philadelphia School District math teacher, Tracy Saltz, a student in “Environmental Humanities from the Tidal Schuylkill,” and a Fellow of the Teacher’s Institute of Philadelphia.
  • PPEH Welcomes Postdoctoral and Dissertation Completion Fellows


    6/18/2019 – The Penn Program in Environmental Humanities is thrilled to announce the first two of our new fellows for the 2019-2020 academic year, Dr. April Anson and Martin Premoli.
  • Soggy Cities, Entry 2: Lagos

    PPEH Fellows Blog

    6/11/2019 – In this entry, Ben Mendelsohn (University of Pennsylvania, PPEH Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow) discusses the coastal ecology of Lagos, Nigeria.