Larger events are perhaps easier to organize in institutional and/or organizational settings via partnerships with librarians, archivists, scientists, researchers, community activists, application developers, software engineers, and/or others specialists. DataRescue events proceed in accordance with a negotiated set of protocols to ensure trustworthiness and safety. Most of these events will employ web harvesting as well as other methods to target data at special risk.

To host a DataRescue event,

You will need

  1. To bring resources at your disposal and the capacity to host large events (space, technology)

  2. To be creative with the resources you have

  3. Partnerships to build a collaborative network that is able to move big data (if you plan to host a hack-a-thon style component)

  4. Organizational and event-planning skills

You will get

  1. Access to an app that will walk you through the data archiving workflow and ensure that efforts are not duplicated. The app is for "uncrawlables" and is agency agnostic - participants can choose datasets to target based on their interests and skill set.

  2. An agency primer from EDGI to help divvy up work in the Seeding of the End of Term Harvest. 

  3. Some free lunches

  4. Server space to store data that has gone through the Data Refuge workflow

  5. Support from the #DataRefuge, EDGI, and collaborators towards organizing and publicity. See the EDGI toolkit and Data Rescue Philly Toolkit for model documents


Please let us know if you're organizing a #DataRescue event by emailing us at