An Experiment in

Sustainable Living


at bartram's garden

After a successful 2016 pilot The PPEH Lab at Wetland returns as the focus of our Ecotopian Tools for WetLand Micro-Design Competition.

Find us by the banks of Bartram's Garden in the Lower Schuylkill River in



This competition is situated to buoy the legacy of WetLand at Bartram's Garden, and timed to jibe with the Ecotopian Toolkit conference. WetLand, the art-boat-meets-science-lab, is growing into a floating public space for collaborative and cooperative experiments in sustainability on the Lower Schuylkill River, home to both refineries and bird sanctuaries, old technologies and new. The Ecotopian Toolkit conference and related performance events April 13-14, will incorporate the winners of this competition in a series of workshops to build Ecotopian Tools for WetLand. Proposals will introduce tools–whether conceptual or realized–for inhabitants of the Schuylkill watershed as they learn to adapt and, in some cases, to float on warmer waters. Successful proposals will be awarded micro-grants of up to $1000 per tool to allow for the proposal to be explored and possibly built, distributed, and used in the watershed and on the River. Then, throughout Spring 2017, we will organize a series of workshops to feature each selected Ecotopian Tool for WetLand with the aim of promoting stewardship of the Lower Schuylkill River in and around Bartram’s Garden.

We invite you to participate in exploring how we all might learn to float–and to live and thrive–on warming and rising river waters. Climate prediction models agree that Philadelphia is becoming hotter and wetter. How can we best adapt to the higher temperatures and other extreme weather events that increasingly make up the new normal?

To learn more about WetLand, read the Press Release,
review Instructions for Living with WetLand and its Emergency Operations Procedures handbook and read the competition application here.



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