The Theater:

Between a boat and a green place

An endeavor between PPEH and George & Co.

How does the Anthropocene change what we mean by history, and how we tell stories? Theater director Anisa George and writer Gillian Osborne teamed up with actors from Philadelphia's experimental theater community for two unruly evenings of blind dates between poetry and performance on Mary Mattingly's Wetland. We played with ideas of time: from the minutes it takes a flower to unfold in Bartram's 18th-century garden to the millions of years fossil fuels lay buried in the earth. 

Bartram's Robot set the tone for the performances, asking us to consider, "what is the natural world? And am I, being a robot, unnatural?"

Audio Credit: Mason Rosenthal



Ben Grinberg

Johanna Kasimow

Jenna Horton

Anisa George

Mason Rosenthal

Kate Raines

Paul Harlan

Oliver Jane

Nick Jonczak


Costume design: Rebecca Kanach


Image Copyright: Austin Bream