Metropolis Metropolis

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It was here at ufaFabrik that world famous films like Metropolis and Django, but also countless German and Nazi propaganda films, were edited and sent out. The film factory for Universum Film AG from 1923-1964, the site has a rich cultural history. The factory grounds were used until the 1970s but were scheduled for demolition in the 1970s until a local fight saved the grounds. In 1979 the revitalization of the grounds and its modern era began. The International Cultural Centre ufaFabrik offers a Guest House, organic bakery, bio cafe, circus and practice studio along with a children's circus school, samba group, a children's farm, an indoor and an outdoor theater, and a Variety Salon. It hosts artists, festivals, comedy events, concerts, movies, circus performances, and world music shows.

On top of its world-class cultural offerings, ufaFabrik has countless sustainable attributes. Each building on the complex is now outfitted with a green roof, the first one built in 1986. An elaborate rain water system collects excess water in rain barrels. Windows for the indoor theater and performance studios are sound reducing and the outdoor theater is surrounded by a living wall to further prevent sound pollution. Large composting bins help ensure waste reduction. A bio market (left) and cafe offer sustainable food. And numerous wind turbines and solar panels help provide the complex with a very sustainable energy portfolio, further aided by a cogeneration system (see photo gallery below; image source). In 2004, ufaFabrik won the UN-Habitat "Best Practice to Improve the Living Environment" award. ufaFabrik has always been a cultural pioneer and still today the complex is a place for innovative thinking. Furthermore, with sustainable elements presented alongside cultural and other lively attractions, ufaFabrik presents visitors a world that's fun, rewarding, while also sustainable, demonstrating the value and beauty of environmentalism and inspiring a commitment to an integrated and natural city in all who walk the grounds, shop at the bakery, eat at the cafe, or even just watch a movie.