Schlosspark Charlottenburg

Once a Getaway, Always a Getaway

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As you walk down the street, the palace, Schloss Charlottenburg, rises out from the tree line and beckons you nearer. Upon reaching the beautiful palace, built in the late 1600s as a summer residence for the Great Elector Friedrich III and named after his wife Sophie Charlotte, you may note a map towards the entrance which quickly overwhelms you with a pure joy from the sense of adventure that awaits you in exploring the palace's park, all 130 acres of it.

The originally baroque garden has since been remodeled. At the end of the 18th century it was redesigned in the English landscape style and the famed Peter Joseph Lenne continues these developments beginning in 1819. After World War II, the park and palace were quite damaged, and so another round of redevelopment of the park took place, leaving it with today's style. Exploring the park, you stumble upon small ponds and cross rivers, listen to ducks and birds, and sit on quiet and relaxing benches. Once a get-away palace, a place for royalty during the summer, is once again a chosen spot for respite, as countless Berliners use the area for working out, reading a book, having a picnic, or walking through the trails. This constant interaction of people and place signifies a meaningful relationship that allows for an integration of a nontraditional city experience into everyday life. The park encourages healthy behaviors in those who interact with it and in turn those who interact with it work to keep it clean and protected. A sustainable cycle is completed.