Original Unverpackt

A New Way to Shop

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Upon first walking into Original Unverpackt (Original Unpacked), you’re likely to be a bit confused. That’s because this is not your ordinary supermarket. Instead of wasteful pre-packed goods, Original Unverpackt offers many of the same products but asks you to bring your own packaging.

Come with a mason jar (or buy one of theirs), put it on the scale and print out the label, then fill up your jar(s) with everything from rice to pasta to tea to meal to banana chips. Vegetables and fruit are also available in the boutique store that aims to change the way we look at grocery shopping. After grabbing all your goods, simply weigh your container again and pay. The idea was conceived in November 2012 by Milena Glimbovski and Sara Wolf and took off in 2014 with the opening of Original Unverpackt. Here’s the crazy part; most of the goods offered are cheaper than they would be at another grocery store, in part due to the cheaper packaging costs and in part from fostering local partnerships. By changing how we view the conventional grocery shopping experience, Original Unverpackt carves out a very sustainable space.