The Academic Advisory Board

Members of our Advisory Board range from undergraduate students to graduate students to faculty across a wide array of disciplines.

And what the environmental humanities mean to them

Carolyn Fornoff

Carolyn Fornoff is a Penn doctoral candidate in Spanish & Portuguese currently completing a dissertation examining how 20th century Latin American texts theorize the dynamic imbrication of human and nonhuman life. Carolyn is also working with Philadelphia City Parks and the Slought Foundation as they pilot a conversation series about the community’s changing relationship with the Schuylkill River. Additionally, she leads the Anthropocene Graduate Student Reading Group at Penn, an interdisciplinary cohort that discusses readings about relationships to the environment. 

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Steve Dolph

Steve Vásquez Dolph is a Penn PhD candidate in Spanish. His dissertation examines representations of ecological crisis in Renaissance Spain. He brings to PPEH a desire to expand the linguistic, geographic, and temporal scope of Environmental Humanities at Penn. As an avid cyclist, he is excited by the expansion of the East Coast Greenway through the Philadelphia area. 

 Simon Richter

Simon Richter

Simon Richter is a Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures interested in cultural and cultural historical aspects of sustainability in Germany, the Netherlands, and the European Union. Simon teaches GRMN 150, Water Worlds: Cultural Responses to Sea Level Rise and Catastrophic Flooding, and directs a Penn Summer Abroad Program on Comparative Cultures of Sustainability in Rotterdam and Berlin (Link: 2015 Program). He is currently writing a book on Goethe’s Wetlands: Soggy Texts and Permeable Selves and is a faculty member of the Penn/Mellon Humanities, Urbanism and Design (H+U+D) Colloquium.

 Austin Bream

Austin Bream

Austin Bream is an undergraduate student in the Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business and a candidate for majors in International Studies, Business, and German. As a member of PPEH's inaugural round of research fellows, Austin explored Berlin's spaces of sustainability and helped us overcome our early challenges. On campus, Austin is also on the board of SSAP and Green Acorn, interns at Green Campus Partnership, and loves photography. 

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