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"Global Sustainability" Penn Faculty Lunch

PPEH's Invited guest Dr. Nalini Nadkarni will join a Penn faculty lunch exploring “Global Sustainabilities,” organized by Dr. Simon Richter (German) and sponsored by the Perry World House. The luncheon features special guests Dr. Judith Shapiro (Professor of Global Environmental Politics at American University) and Dr. Dana Phillips (Professor of English at Towson University). 

Against the backdrop of the UN dominated discourse of sustainable development, the purpose of this luncheon and faculty discussion is to explore the relevance of cultural and linguistic aspects of sustainability. We will have two guests, who will present talking points to get the conversation rolling:


Judith Shapiro is on the faculty of the Global Environmental Politics program of American University and directs the Dual Degree in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development (NRSD) with University for Peace in Costa Rica. She is the author of China's Environmental Challenges (Polity 2012, Second Edition 2016), Mao's War against Nature (Cambridge 2001) and the co-author of Son of the Revolution (Knopf 1983) and other books on China. Her current research is on the political and social dynamics of environmental degradation, and on the prospects for sustainable development in China.

Dana Phillips is an Americanist at Towson University. He is the author of The Truth of Ecology: Nature, Culture, and Literature in America (Oxford 2003; online 2007). In his most recent scholarship, he has focused on notions of “taste” in Thoreau’s work; on concepts of the natural and the artificial in relation to the sense of place; on the cognitive skills, communicative abilities, and cultural traditions of animals, especially elephants; and on depictions in film and literature of biophilia and biophobia in relation to apex predators, especially grizzly bears. Dana was part of an international team that produced an important statement on ecocriticism, environmental history, and environmental humanities.