Coffee & Discussion with Steven Mentz

  • Philomathean Society, 3rd floor College Hall 3450 Woodland Walk Philadelphia, PA, 19104 United States

Please join us for coffee with Professor Steven Mentz (St. John’s University) ahead of his visit to the Medieval-Renaissance Seminar (5:00 pm in the Grad Lounge, FBH). We will discuss his recent work in Environmental Humanities and how it intersects with his previous scholarship in early modern literature and history.


Professor Mentz's current book project, “Shipwreck and the Meanings of Ocean, 1552-1719,” explores shipwreck narratives from Shakespeare’s The Tempest to Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe.  With this project Dr. Mentz joins other scholars interested in “ecocriticism” and “historicizing the oceans” in exploring humankind’s relationship to the oceans and the natural world, and also how these symbolic relationships speak to our twenty-first century ecological crisis.