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Sustainable Development Now

  • Huntsman Hall, F45 (map)

The Sustainable Development Now Talk featuring Dr. Philip Nichols, is the kick-off event for the International Development Event Series at Penn. Lunch will be provided.

Please RSVP.

We live in exciting times. Every week seems to herald world-changing innovations, in medicine, technology, communication, and more. The possibilities seem without limit. The extraordinary possibilities that exist for some people, however, sometimes overshadow the fact a very large segment of the world still endures the same hardships and low standard of life that they have endured for the last half century. The fact that conditions for these people have changed little suggests that traditional means of assistance have limits. This does not have to be; innovation is possible in development in the same way that it occurs in other areas of activity. This talk explores the crafting of development projects that are intended to sustain themselves rather than relying on continued assistance from outside. These types of projects take advantage of many new ways of thinking about development, and offer the possibility not just of relief but also of change for many people in the world.