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Earth and Environmental Science Senior Reseach Conference

Penn staff, faculty, friends and family are invited to the 4 sessions of Earth and Environmental Science (EES) Senior Thesis Final Talks (April 12-19) and the EES Senior Research Conference (April 21). 

Senior Research Conference (SRC) APRIL 21 1:30-4:30pm

  • 1:30-3pm: Poster Session (all seniors) Hayden Hall 358
  • 3-4pm: “Final Four” Encore Talks—These are talks chosen by the seniors (TBA on April 20), to be given a second time as the finale to the Senior Research Conference. Hayden Hall 360

Reception to follow.

Final Talks (leading up to the SRC) All are invited and encouraged to attend.
Wednesday, April 12 (noon-1pm): Moore Room: 212

  • 12:00pm Tabeen Hossain: Food Connect: A Life Cycle Analysis. Research Mentor: Steven Finn, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, response Ecology; co-founder, Food Systems Seminar at the University of Pennsylvania
  • 12:15 Richard Alonso: Continental Translocation of Nutrients to Chesapeake Bay. Research Mentor:  Sarah Willig, Lecturer & Academic Advisor, Master of Environmental Studies Program
  • 12:30 Courtney Lang: Feeding Ecology of Pterois volitans in Key Largo. Research Mentor: Lauren Sallan, Assistant Professor, Earth and Environmental Science Department
  • 12:45 Camilla Davila: Impact of Public Transportation on Environmental Health Outcomes in the South Bronx & North Philadelphia. Research Mentor: Richard V. Pepino, Deputy Director, Community Outreach & Engagement Core, Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology

Thursday, April 13 (7-8:45pm): Location: CHEM: 119

  • 7:00pm Lauren Brunsdale: Land-use and Vegetation Change in the Ventura River Watershed, California using Remote Sensing. Research Mentor: : Jane E. Dmochowski, Senior Lecturer, Earth and Environmental Science Department
  • 7:15 Tanner Frank: Description of a leptoceratopsid dinosaur from the Lance Formation of Wyoming. Research Mentor: Peter Dodson, Professor of Paleontology, Department of Earth and Environmental Science, School of Arts and Sciences University of Pennsylvania
  • 7:30 Jennifer Anderson: Laboratory Deformation Experiments on Ice-Graphite Mixtures. Research Mentor: David L. Goldsby, Associate Professor, Earth and Environmental Science Department
  • 7:45 Berenice Leung: Assessing Price Sensitivity and Perception of Food in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Research Mentor: Steven M. Finn, Co-Founder, Managing Director, ResponsEcology; Affiliated Faculty, University of Pennsylvania

Tuesday, April 18 (7-8:45pm): Location: CHEM: 119

  • 7:00pm Gavriela Reiter: Evaluating the Externalities of The Philadelphia Energy Hub Transition: A GIS and Ethnographic Approach. Research Mentor: Jane Dmochowski, Senior Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania Department of Earth and Environmental Science
  • 7:15 Lauren Wang: Building a Sustainable Retail Supply Chain: Evaluation of Key Opportunities and Challenges. Research Mentor: Mark Mills,Director of Purchasing Services
  • 7:30 Indigo Catton: Changes in Philadelphia’s Urban Tree Canopy Cover from 1970-2010. Research Mentor: Lara Roman, Research Ecologist, US Forest Service Northern Field Station
  • 7:45: Zara Turner: Evaluating Philadelphia’s 2012 Lead Paint and Disclosure Law. Research Mentor: Richard V. Pepino, Deputy Director, Community Outreach & Engagement Core, Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology

Wednesday, April 19 (noon-1pm) Moore Room: 212

  • 12:00pm Oumourumana Jalloh: Integrating Sustainability into Supply Chains Decisions at Higher Education Institutions. Research Mentor: Mark Mills, Director of Purchasing Services
  • 12:15 Jamie Rosenstein: An Environmental Perspective: Asthma Prevalence, Education, and Disease Management amongst Athletes at the University of Pennsylvania. Research Mentor: Michael Kulik, Lecturer, Master of Environmental Studies
  • 12:30 Robert Feit: Modern Comparisons of the Moon and Mercury Using Secondary Craters. Research Mentor: Jennifer Whitten, Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Earth and Planetary Studies, NASM
  • 12:45 Riley Burger: Rural Electrification in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Case Study of Kenya. Research Mentor: Andrew E. Hummler, Senior Lecturer, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering