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Three Things You'll Need

  1. NOTE: This workflow is being retired.To Read the DataRescue Workflow 
  2. Access to the DataRefuge Slack - Go to bit.ly/DataRefugeSlack for an invite
  3. NOTE: This workflow is being retired. Access to the Data Archiving ("Uncrawlables") Workflow app - email datarefuge@ppehlab.org for an invite. Ask Brendan (@B5 on slack) for administrator privileges to be able to add others.
  4. NOTE: This workflow is being retired. An agency primer for seeding work - talk to Maya from EDGI about that

Miscellaneous Documents

Preparation - some work you may want to do in advance

Program - Our full program for the two days of events

Field Guide - Important information for attendees

Survey Questions - A list of the questions we asked on our survey of researchers' top ten most important datasets

How to Host a DataRescue Event webinar videos

DataRefuge Logos


Documents we relied upon from EDGI’s toolkit

Workflow and related Documents - NOTE: This workflow is being retired.



Other Snippets of Wisdom We Learned

  • Don’t run out of coffee if you can avoid it

  • If the press is interested, keep them out of everybody’s faces

  • Make sure everyone feels welcome and knows what to do - especial domain experts

  • Have a code of conduct

  • Keep communication channels open, especially between Baggers & Seeders as they’ll need to share a lot of information. We used Slack for this and it worked pretty nicely

  • A large proportion of attendees will be vegetarian than some other events - they’re there because they care about the environment