Three Things You'll Need

  1. To Read the DataRescue Workflow
  2. Access to the DataRefuge Slack - Go to for an invite. Once you're in you'll be able to add other team members, or ask us to add them all for you
  3. Access to the Data Archiving ("Uncrawlables") Workflow app - email for an invite. Ask Brendan (@B5 on slack) for administrator privileges to be able to add others.
  4. An agency primer for seeding work - talk to Maya from EDGI about that

Miscellaneous Documents

Preparation - some work you may want to do in advance

Program - Our full program for the two days of events

Field Guide - Important information for attendees

Survey Questions - A list of the questions we asked on our survey of researchers' top ten most important datasets

How to Host a DataRescue Event webinar videos

DataRefuge Logos


Documents we relied upon from EDGI’s toolkit

Workflow and related Documents



Other Snippets of Wisdom We Learned

  • Don’t run out of coffee if you can avoid it

  • If the press is interested, keep them out of everybody’s faces

  • Make sure everyone feels welcome and knows what to do - especial domain experts

  • Have a code of conduct

  • Keep communication channels open, especially between Baggers & Seeders as they’ll need to share a lot of information. We used Slack for this and it worked pretty nicely

  • A large proportion of attendees will be vegetarian than some other events - they’re there because they care about the environment