DataRescue Harvester

Harvesters take the "uncrawlable" data and try to figure out how to capture it. This is a complex task which can require substantial technical expertise, and which requires different techniques for different tasks. Harvesters should see the included Harvesting Toolkit for more details and tools.

Getting set up as a Data Harvester

  • Talk to your DataRescue guide to make sure you can become a Data Harvester.
  • Get set up with the app
    • This include getting an account for the app and getting the account ok'd by the DataRescue guide.
  • Data Harvesters should start by reading this document, which outlines the steps for constructing a proper data archive of the highest possible integrity. The primary focus of this document is on semi-automated harvesting as part of a team, and the workflow described is best-suited for volunteers working to preserve small and medium-sized collections. Where possible, we try to link out to other options appropriate to other circumstances.
  • Contact your DataRescue guide, if you need any assistance at an event.

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