We are refining our survey of valuable datasets because we are no longer actively copying federal datasets. If you are concerned about a particular dataset, please contact us at datarefuge@ppehlab.org

ire is also doing a survey!

If you are collecting data or are worried about something specific, consider filling out the survey from the National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting


These survey results inform the work of a community of researchers, librarians, and technologists collaborating to build data refuge in uncertain times for fact-based arguments. 


Many institutions hosted Data Rescue events in early 2017, all contributing to expanding safe data refuge. The efforts have included web harvesting to augment the efforts of End of Term Harvest. However, not all data can be gathered in this way, and so we are working with partners to help ensure that this data too remains available. Data collected at these events will be stored in secure and trustworthy repositories with their provenance documented in order to maintain integrity and citability.


These data rescue events will be most effective if organizers can point participants to specific, especially valued, collections of data. By distributing the survey results to organizers we can help avoid redundant efforts across events.


Please submit your top ten data sets that need to be secured. We will be collecting lists from hundreds of scientists and researchers and will use them to produce a prioritized list.


Many thanks for your participation.