Get Involved

DataRefuge is a distributed and public initiative that depends on many collaborations. There are many ways to get involved and help build DataRefuge. 

Organize an Event!

One of the best things you can do is get in touch with your community -especially your library- and organize an event. Or see if events are already happening in your area! If you can't host, talk to your area libraries, environmental organizations, and/or coding/hacking groups. Also read the latest up-to-date DataRescue Workflow

Do you use climate data for your own work?
Fill Out Our Survey!

The survey helps us prioritize our efforts to save valuable and vulnerable data.


Do you have tech skills (especially web scraping)?
Become a DataRescue Harvester 
on the DataRefuge path

We need people with hacking and tech skills to harvest hard to get datasets. Learn more!


Don't have tech skills but want to help systematically ensure sites are being picked up?
Become a DataRescue Seeder or Researcher
on the DataRefuge path

We need Seeders to seed the End of Term Harvest with priority URLs and Researchers to learn how webpages work, determine if datasets can be seeded to the End of Term Archive or not, fill in more information about the dataset. 


Are you best at writing and/or social media?
Tell a Story

We need writers to tell stories about the importance of climate and environmental data on our everyday lives. We also need people to help us share our work on social media.  

Know of a website that's endangered?
Check the Wayback Machine

See if it's been archived. If it's not there, add it, and fill out our survey for good measure.


Have you worked with scientific data before?
Become a DataRescue Checker
n the DataRefuge path

We need people to look at data that's been harvested to see if it's complete. Read about the role of Checker and apply to become one.


Are you a librarian, archivist, or information professional?
Become a Checker, Bagger, or Describer

n the DataRefuge path

Read about the roles of checker, bagger, and describer, who check datasets for accuracy and completeness, compile them into bagit files, and add metadata.


Need other ideas?

We welcome input on how to make this website better, blog submissions about the importance of web archiving, provenance, and other topics, and visualizations of our workflow (pictures speak louder than words!). If you have other ideas let us know!

check out the work of our partners, collaborators, & allies

Climate Mirror 
a distributed effort conducted by volunteers to mirror and back up U.S. Federal Climate Data

End of Term Harvest
captures and saves U.S. Government websites at the end of presidential administrations 

Environmental Data and Governance Initiative (EDGI)
an international network of academics and non-profits building online tools, events, and research networks to archive public environmental data