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In conversation with many partners, such as you, we can build refuge for federal climate and environmental data vulnerable under a federal administration which denies the fact of ongoing climate change. At the University of Pennsylvania, we teach our students to make fact based arguments. This effort serves our mission by working to preserve the facts that are needed. Learn how you can get involved below!


#DataRefuge connects asks to offers

The Penn Program in Environmental Humanities in collaboration with the Penn Libraries founded #DataRefuge. We are inspired by the decade of work by our collaborators at End of Term Harvest and the Internet Archive. We are working in close collaboration with researchers at multitudes of organizations (universities, professional societies, open data advocates), as well as two consortia: #ClimateMirror and #EDGI, both founded expressly to support this shared, public project to protect data and educate about climate and environmental issues even as federal programs will be targeted. Further context for our efforts can be found in articles written by the Washing Post here and here.

Here is a list of vulnerable datasets we are building refuge for. Please fill out this form:

  • If you have an ask, and would like to nominate data
  • Or if you have an offer, and would like to download/scrape/etc or provide server space
  • If you are hosting a public #DataRescue event or "hackathon," email us at and we will share it too.

Please note that there is some lag time between form submission and updates to the spreadsheet. We are working on speeding up the process. 

#DataRefuge D-I-Y Toolkit

Our D-I-Y toolkit will help other organizations and individuals organize their own city's or university's #DataRescue events. It will include protocols on how to get the data, and then mark it up with metadata to make it sustainable for partners who have lots of server space. Let's build #DataRefuge together to keep the tools for climate and environmental research and planning accessible.

#DataRescue events expand #DataRefuge

#DataRefuge gathers local #DataRescue efforts to support and spread their impact. After wide press coverage, our efforts have led to plans to host at least seven local #DataRescue events (hackathons paired up with teach-ins, speakers, films, installations, performance events, etc). Send us an email at to tell us about #datarescue events you're planning and check back for more information and updates! 

  • We are helping with a #DataRescue event on 12/17/2016 in Toronto with our partners at the University of Toronto
  • What we learn there will feed a Philadelphia pre-inauguration event, #DataRescuePenn, on 1/13-1/14. This Philadelphia data harvest will be held in conjunction with a teach-in that consists with a panel of speakers, an installation, and LITERary EVENTS. To get involved in real time in Philadelphia, write to us at 
  • Here is a list of organizations and individuals who are hosting their own #DataRescue events. If you know of any other #DataRescue events, please contact 

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