Meet the Data Rescuers - Part 3


From health professionals tracking changing allergy seasons and coastal fishers examining marine migration patterns to archeologist mapping heritage sites and local officials monitoring air pollution levels, individuals across the world rely on vital data publicized by our government’s organizations to make informed decisions everyday. However, for years this data has been vulnerable to shifting political agendas, technical failures, and unclear management. Today, building a refuge for federal data and supporting fact-based climate research and advocacy is more important than ever. 

This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend DataRefuge’s DataRescue Philly event to work toward archiving, tagging, and organizing this precise data for our future. I worked on the “storytelling + documentation” team to help document our work, tell our story, and share our mission. Our team’s goal was to humanize the data by sharing compelling stories of imperative everyday uses of this information. By conveying the importance and urgency of our work, we hope to inspire more individuals to hold our government accountable and act to be agents of change, for climate change is not a “hoax” and our future is not guaranteed.

January 14, 2017. #DataRefuge #DataRescuePhilly #ClimateAction #OpenData #DataVulnerability

Ana is a marketing and business analytics student at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Interested in the intersection of numbers and narrative, she cares about crafting compelling tales, preserving data integrity, and constantly challenging her views. She recommends reading real news, budget travel adventures, and learning to laugh at yourself. Mood: “inspired”.