Meet the DataRescuers - Part 2

And.. it's about halfway through the day; snow's expected to start driftin' about anytime. Our DJ hasn't made it, but life goes on, and here are three random picks from the toolbuilders' huddle.

Max Furman

Max lives in Philly and works as a software programmer for a consulting firm. He's here because "all data is politicised", and because he wants "facts to be a weapon for the scientific community". He's working today on Chrome extensions that make downloading easy, and has just got hold of a compression utility tool, 'Keka'. His idea of the good life: a beach with table service and a copy of his last read, Invisible Planets, a science-fiction anthology. MOOD: "pensive".

Ariel Rodriguez

Ariel grew up in Cuba and works as a web developer in Miami. He's keen on salvaging data related to global warming, to all that governments do, and spent last evening in New York at the opera. He's wondering how all the websites crawled today will be used, to whom it might be useful in the future, and how best it can all be organized. MOOD: "very good".


Robin Schaufler

Robin's from the 'burbs of Philly, but has spent many years in Long Island, NY and Silicon Valley. She's a programmer, and thinks precarious data could be concieved on axes such as of risk, of criticality for earth-scientific research, and so on. She's worried about gaps in climate-data, and data on ice-cores from the Arctic and Antarctic. A good day, for Robin, is simply a productive day at work, and she clearly loves programming at its intersection with non-solely-for-profit work. MOOD: "focussed"


(Photographs by Kaushik Ramu)