Meet the DataRescuers- Part 1


Two hours into Day 2 of #datarefuge. Who are the people, #datarescuers, who've so generously volunteered for this project of archival? Here's a byte each from some seeders and sorters:

Bhairevi Aiyer

Bhairevi is a Masters student in the Environmental Science program at Penn. She grew up in Hyderabad, India, speaks Tamil, and listens to North Indian classical music.  She's concerned about environmental data, and data related to waste-management, but also about oral traditions and literary sources that might have scientific value.  Team: Seeding & Sorting. MOOD: "motivated".





Charles Haas

Charles is a Professor of Environmental Engineering at Drexel University. Grew up in New York City and the Midwest, and is here because data's needed for sound decision-making -- but he also has in mind other kinds of loss, such as those of history's burning libraries, as in Alexandria, and imagines monasteries that might have tucked papers away in secret... Especially cares about data related to water-pollution and water-quality. Team: Seeding & Sorting. MOOD: "apprehensive".





Ben Kim

Ben is a Penn undergrad from the Computer Science department. Grew up in San Jose, California, and is here because he cares about environmental data that bears on sustainability. Cares about the oceans, especially the depths of the ocean and all that we don't know about them. Team: Seeding & Sorting. MOOD: "motivated"









(Photographs by Naomi Waltham-Smith)