Update on #DataRefuge

#DataRefuge aims to generate awareness about how accessibility to federal climate and environmental data will become more difficult under the new administration. For the past two weeks, PPEH has been organizing a series of events to address these concerns while talking with networks of researchers at universities and libraries across North America, as well as with members of the business community. 

This past weekend, reporter and meteorologist Eric Holthaus (his podcast Warm Regards with Jacquelyn Gill and Andy Revkin is terrific) also got worried about the same questions and started collecting information from climate scientists on a Google spreadsheet about which data is most important to their work. This morning, Eric asked PPEH if we could manage the spreadsheet and coordinate people and organizations who were working to raise awareness about the new precarity of federal environmental and climate data, and the shared efforts to keep it accessible by moving it on to other servers.

A group in Toronto, headed by Michelle Murphy, is organizing a Guerrilla Archiving event this weekend, and Kevin Burke (PPEH Fellow) and Patricia Kim (PPEH Program Coordinator) will travel up there to help and to use that event to prototype how we can provide a "how to" host a #DataRescue event in their community.

Now we are developing protocols, gathered together by an emergent network of public and private organizations, universities, and other archives, for how to manage the data that is "rescued" to make sure that it remains accessible (and not necessary to get at via FOIA requests).